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Let's Create Part Production Success

We serve manufacturers facing the tough challenge of producing parts of top quality and competitive costs, on time, in safe workplaces that retain and attract great people.

With so much at stake, these manufacturers realize that they need an expert robotic automation success partner they can count on for concept, design, implementation, and dedicated field support that keeps the systems running productively for years to come.

We often work with their machine tool builders to achieve these goals.

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New to Automation?

We understand: It can be tough for you to know where automation makes sense. With our Automation Readiness self-assessment, you can:

  • Determine where you are with the prerequisites for success
  • Understand the most important do’s and don’ts
  • Define the next steps that make sense for your situation

Need to Build a Business Case?

It’s tough to get even the best projects approved without a tight business case.

Based on a road map for where automation makes sense for your operation (and where it doesn’t), we can help you prepare a strong case and get the approval you need.

Past Projects Fell Short?

You didn’t get the outcomes you were counting on. Maybe things went well until you urgently needed field service. Or your past automation efforts just got off on the wrong foot. Either way, you didn’t get the production and financial benefits you counted on. Yet you know automation is crucial. You may just need a success partner who helps you build a better process. Using our Matrix Way approach to automation, we can help you:

  • Build on the investments you’ve already made
  • Address the forces that hurt past efforts
  • Systematically identify gaps

Bursting at the Seams?

You’re experiencing rapid growth and have been thinking about adding capacity. But property, plant and equipment are expensive.

It occurs to you that increasing throughput in your existing footprint may be the answer. But how can you pick the production cells where you’ll get the best improvement?

Using our Matrix Way approach to automation, we can help you:

  • Assess where in your production processes you can economically add the most throughput
  • Build on the investments you’ve already made
  • Complete a business case for your projects

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ROI Calculator

We’ve built an ROI calculator that can help you build a business case that gets your automation project approved. Just enter your first name, company, and email to access the calculator.