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Have you ever thought about automating but weren’t sure where to start?

Contact us to go through our completely free Automation Evaluation Process.

By the end of this proven process, you will have a better understanding of how and where automation could fit into your current manufacturing operations.

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Two engineers discussing industrial automation


With experience in dozens of industries and with hundreds of unique processes, we can take on projects of any scope, size, or complexity. Check out a few of the processes we’ve worked with in the past.


machine tending

packaging & palletizing

part washing

pick & place

robotic deburring

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Learn more about who we are, what we do, and where we’re going. We are excited to help you with automation and look forward to you being our next success story.

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Industries Served


Maintain consistency on
high tolerance parts.

As tolerances continue to tighten on aerospace manufacturers and suppliers, we can help you maintain precision and quality. Using a FANUC robot to machine parts, pick and place or assemble will eliminate the need for workers in dangerous environments and will allow you to increase output.


Have robots help with the final
pack out of your products.

Looking for a way to make your manufacturing process lean? Automation is one of the best solutions. Industrial robotic automation will help you decrease wasted labor and material, improve cycle time, and minimize inventory, ultimately lowing your costs and improving your productivity.


Remove safety concerns and leave
the heavy lifting to robots.

It is imperative to always be on the lookout for ways to decrease material and labor and increase profitability, especially with routine tasks that can be automated. FANUC robots allow you to improve cycle time and consolidate operations that would otherwise need to be maintained by multiple operators.


Reliable and efficient automation.

The automotive industry has become one of the most innovative industries in the world. We have helped lead the innovation in manufacturing practices over the last 15 years, having worked with over a dozen large automotive companies to install hundreds of systems.


Guarantee your product makes
it to the shelves on time.

With the high volume and speed at which product is produced in the food and beverage industry, robots help improve efficiencies and maintain consistency. FANUC robots allow you to pick, stack, package, and load your product in record time, all while ensuring that your product is handled with extreme care.


Let the robots help with the machine
tending and secondary operations.

If you are a machine tool builder, you know that in many cases you need automation in order to meet their customer’s increasing demands. We have integrated over 50 different types of machine tools and we look forward to the opportunity to make your equipment stand out.


Have the automation do the
dull and repetitive tasks.

Whether you need to automate in order to set yourself apart from the competition or lower costs on a job, we are here to help. Since jobs can vary significantly from one to another and are often short run, your automation solution needs to be flexible and dependable so that you can minimize downtime and maximize your efficiency and productivity.


Have automation assist with your
unique or challenging operation.

Manufacturing is competitive and it is often hard to compete while also investing in your company’s future. We hear all the time that automation is expensive, but our customers are often surprised by how much money they can save by automating their processes. Automation helps you lower your costs substantially while also competing in today’s ever growing global market.


Maintain a sterile environment and
perform high precision assembly.

By using a robot to machine, assemble or palletize your devices, you can ensure that your product will be handled with care. It’s imperative that the highest quality standards are met and we know how to help increase efficiencies and productivity throughout any manufacturing process.

An industrial automated robot arm designed by Matrix Design.

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I would like to pay particular thanks to Doug Sands at Matrix and his team for the rapid response last night, as well as, the dedication to his service tech. [He] was onsite within 30 min of my call to Doug and stayed with this until we were up and had run 250 pcs. for confirmation of success, which lasted until 1:30am this morning.

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