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1361 Schiferl Rd. Bartlett, IL 60103 847.841.8260

At Matrix, we strive to live by the company’s Core Values. We believe our Core Values produce a great working environment and nurtures great employees to deliver great results.

We can do that!

At Matrix, we:

  • Are problem solvers
  • Are trained and have the knowledge to do what is required
  • Do “whatever it takes”
  • Are self-starters who don’t need a lot of direct management
  • Never say “It’s not my job”
  • Do our own work – plus
  • Offer a helping hand

We do it right!

At Matrix, we:

  • Follow procedures
  • Handle the job down to the detail level
  • Provide complete information
  • Are thorough, efficient, and effective
  • Fix things until they are correct
  • Do our own work – plus
  • Desire feedback on our personal performance

We do what we say!

At Matrix, we:

  • Are honest in all our dealings
  • Listen well
  • Follow-up when we say we’ll follow-up
  • Take responsibility
  • Take our roles seriously
  • Complete our assigned tasks
  • Are trustworthy

We do it better next time!

At Matrix, we:

  • Find ways to improve performance
  • Document many of those ways formally through DIB’s
  • Focus on root cause – not on the symptoms or the people
  • Participate in personal growth opportunities/training
  • Don’t tolerate the “status quo”

We do it together!

At Matrix, we:

  • Work well with others
  • Are fun to be around while we work
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect, even under pressure or when we disagree
  • Have a positive attitude and are generally enthusiastic

We do it for a greater purpose!

At Matrix, we:

  • See Matrix becoming a great company and do our part to make it happen
  • Invest time in building the Matrix community
  • Have good personal reasons for being on the Matrix team
  • Support the leadership’s goal to glorify God in all we do
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