Robotic Deburring Systems

Adaptive Technologies Simplify Deburring Operations

Burrs occur naturally during drilling and boring operations, and eliminating those burrs is one of the most repetitive machining processes. It can be particularly problematic in high-precision, high-production manufacturing environments.

However, deburring isn’t as easy as putting a part against a moving spindle to get rid of excess material. Applying too much pressure will remove more than just burrs. Not applying enough pressure would not get the burr completely off, resulting in doubled work and increased cycle time. In order to effectively remove burrs, adaptive technology must be applied to the automated deburring process.

Matrix has developed a variety of proprietary adaptive technologies that simulate delicate human movements to efficiently remove burrs.

Deburring Media & Tools
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Benefits of Adaptive Technologies
• Monitors tool wear
• Prevents excess removal
• Regulates speed, feed & pressure
• Ideal for more delicate operations
• Ensures consistent finish
• Integrated tool wear feature
• Used with abrasive deburring
• Ideal for multiple deburring surfaces
• Minimizes cycle time
• End of arm tooling spindles
• Selecting optimal deburring material optimizes process maximizes tool life

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