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Got Burrs?
Deburring Applications Laboratory

The Matrix Deburring Applications Lab (MDAL) was created as a developmental tool to evaluate automated deburring operations in a real-life testing environment. Our Deburring Applications Lab will take your parts and test the deburring operation with different processes and technologies. This will help determine which deburring process is the best fit for a specific part that needs to be deburred.

The MDAL contains a single FANUC robot in the center of four stations that can be used separately or together to determine the best tools and processes for each unique deburring operation. Matrix proprietary adaptive technologies are integrated into each station. You can read more about our robotic deburring for more information on adaptive technologies.

Compliance Spindle

• Servo driven spindle
• Constant tool pressure with adjustability
• Automatic detection between part and tool
• Automatic tool wear detection with compensation
• Fully programmable spindle speeds for multiple tools

iRVision Positioner

• Coordinated motion for path/edge deburring
• Compliant deburr spindle for constant tool pressure
• Mount parts directly to table for accurate positioning
• 3-jaw chuck mounted to table for chucking applications
• iRVision provides accurate positional data for precision tasks

Touch Detection

• Constant tool pressure with adjustability
• Automatic detection between part and tool
• Heavy duty 3-phase motor for heavy duty tools
• Automatic tool wear detection with compensation
• Adjustable tool speeds for optimal tool performance

Our Customer Stories
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I would like to pay particular thanks to Doug Sands at Matrix and his team for the rapid response last night, as well as, the dedication to his service tech. [He] was onsite within 30 min of my call to Doug and stayed with this until we were up and had run 250 pcs. for confirmation of success, which lasted until 1:30am this morning.

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