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Pick & Place

Most machining operations today require a manual loading and unloading of parts. Automation can be done inexpensively and allow for you to stretch your labor dollars so that operators can cover two to six machines concurrently, saving you money. Contact us to go through our free automation evaluation process or to figure out how a FANUC robot can help you do this work instead.

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Automation Evaluation Process

Have you ever thought about automating but weren’t sure where to start?

Contact us to go through our completely free Automation Evaluation Process.

By the end of this proven process, you will have a better understanding of how and where automation could fit into your current manufacturing operations.

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Our Customer Stories
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I would like to pay particular thanks to Doug Sands at Matrix and his team for the rapid response last night, as well as, the dedication to his service tech. [He] was onsite within 30 min of my call to Doug and stayed with this until we were up and had run 250 pcs. for confirmation of success, which lasted until 1:30am this morning.

Tier 2 Business Unit Leader

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