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Positive Work Culture Contributes to Success at Matrix

Whatever you call it – chemistry, teamwork, esprit de corps or a Gung Ho attitude – a group of people enthusiastically working together towards a common goal often attain a level of achievement that cannot be matched by those without it. Mindful of its value, nurturing this spirit of positive cooperation is a primary cultural goal at Matrix.

Positivity Essential to Progress

Workers who are included in decisions, empowered to make decisions and feel valued are primed and ready to not only accept new ideas, but to proactively offer suggestions that save time, money and boost productivity. Byproducts of a positive work environment include punctuality, neat work habits, high output and low turnover.

An Awesome Place to Work

That is the kind of work culture we cultivate and nurture. From the top leadership to the shop floor, employees strive to follow a series of Core Values that give them guidelines on constructive behaviors that make them, and our company, successful. The result? In the words of our President, Pat Bertsche, “Matrix is a great company where great people come together to deliver great results.”

But how do we ensure that this statement remains true going into the future? By listening carefully to the voice of the workforce and proactively encouraging positivity.

Picking the Right People

When we hire, we look for people that fit the existing profile of our workforce. We want people who are energetic and have a need for continual improvement. We seek out individuals who respect others and communicate well with them. We search for candidates who are comfortable requesting input from others as well as offering their own ideas. In essence, we are looking for the ideal team player. 

Gather, Communicate and Have Fun

People who don’t know each other can’t interact comfortably. We offer a combination of serious meetings (Design Reviews and Quarterly Company Meetings) along with fun events like the annual Christmas party and company picnic. In addition to those major events, HR coordinates at least one event a month where employees can gather and get to know one another on a more personal level. See “Working Together Generates Customer Value.”

Organic Positivity

Positive people make other people positive. As employees meet, the interaction becomes more spontaneous and natural until it reaches the point where it becomes embedded in the company DNA. That’s our goal.

If you are interested in a career at Matrix, please check our list of current open positions.

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