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Automated Deburring System |||

Got Burrs?

If your company is a manufacturer that:

  • Casts metal
  • Cuts metal
  • Drills it
  • Mills it
  • Turns it
  • Grinds it
  • Or uses hobbing to make gears

… then you may face the challenge of burrs that mar the finished parts.

Burrs are a pesky quality problem that can cause inconsistency, rejects, sorting of parts, and corrective operations. Reworking parts often means that the plant can’t keep up with production.

Burrs can also cause safety issues such as flying metal shards, and create dust and dirt that create a poor work environment.

Your plant may be manually cialis 20 mg. That’s not always a great solution — workers can experience repetitive motion injuries, and the best workers may avoid the unpleasant task of reworking parts by not showing up for work, or leaving for other companies with better workplace hygiene.

You don’t have to put up with poor solutions to burrs. Talk with Matrix Design about a parts finishing program using our robotic deburring solutions. We perform expert assessment of the burrs, the processes before and after deburring, and operating parameters such as speed.

We’ll then engineer a right-size, customized solution, including robot, end-of-arm tooling, and media. Our Robotic Deburring Applications Lab can help us discover and validate the best solution for you.

The immediate benefits you can expect:

  • Produce quality parts at lower cost than alternatives
  • Better production flow
  • Increased production volume
  • Eliminates a headache for plant management and an irritant for the workforce
  • Safer, cleaner workplace
  • Changes we recommend in the production process before and after deburring often mean that the modafinil comes for free

As a result, you can:

  • Protect and improve your company’s customer image
  • Improve multiple metrics and decrease operating costs
  • Earn customer testimonials, retaining and increasing revenue

Ready to learn more? Contact us to schedule a call with one of our robotic deburring experts.

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After installation support is excellent!

Automotive Customer

The Service Team is Top Notch and always extremely helpful.

Automotive Manufacturing Engineer

Matrix does really well updating on project progress, scheduling meetings to make sure [the] design is what the customer wants, working with the customer in the event of smaller budgets, offering professional advice and getting to know the customer.

Tier 2 Engineer

[Matrix] works with customer to make sure they are satisfied with product.

Manufacturing Engineer

I would like to pay particular thanks to Doug Sands at Matrix and his team for the rapid response last night, as well as, the dedication to his service tech. [He] was onsite within 30 min of my call to Doug and stayed with this until we were up and had run 250 pcs. for confirmation of success, which lasted until 1:30am this morning.

Tier 2 Business Unit Leader

Thank you each of you for your excellent support over the past several years. Everyone on your team has been extremely helpful and wonderful to work with.

Engineering Manager
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